10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Turkeys

Turkeys are well-known as members of Thanksgiving feasts and jaywalkers in urban and rural areas throughout the world. How much do you know about this distinctive game bird? Test your knowledge against these 10 facts.

  1. Turkeys can be found nearly anywhere in the world. They were first domesticated for their feathers in Mexico.
  2. Male turkeys are notable for having a fan-like tail that is made up of just 18 feathers.
  3. Male turkey feathers have a natural iridescence that is held to be very attractive by female turkeys.
  4. The beautiful fan-like feathers are not the only way to tell male and female turkeys apart. Males grow a unique fleshy wattle over their beaks which is called a snood.
  5. Males also grow a tuft of feathers known as a beard. Most females do not.
  6. Despite their great weight, these fowl roost in trees and can fly and run quickly when needed, although if you’ve ever waited for one to cross the road in front of your car, you might not find this believable.
  7. Turkeys have been known to swim when the need arises.
  8. Each turkey has a unique voice that the birds use to identify each other.
  9. During nesting season, a female turkey doesn’t take much time to create her nest. She merely digs a shallow hole and lines it with soft plants in the nearby area. The hatchlings don’t seem to mind much though.
  10. Wondering if a turkey is about to attack you? This happens more often than one might expect, but check the skin around the turkey’s beak; if it is blue or bright red, the bird is stressed, but if the skin is merely pink, just wave and move on.

These incredible creatures are treasured as mascots and game birds alike. Whether you enjoy munching a turkey leg at a local fair or you appreciate fun crafts made with turkey feathers, these birds have something appealing to nearly everyone.

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