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Top Signs You Should Buy Insurance for Your Horses

If you own a horse property, then you might have insurance on the building and the land. You may even have insurance coverage on your pickup truck and your horse trailer. However, you might not have actually purchased insurance for your horses. Horse insurance does exist and might be a good idea for you as a horse owner, though. These are a few signs that you should buy insurance coverage to cover your horses.

Your Horses are Very Valuable

You probably already know that some horses are worth a lot more than others. If you have backyard horses that didn’t cost much to purchase, then you might not be too concerned about making sure that they are covered by insurance. However, if you have more valuable horses, such as competition horses or breeding stock from a top bloodline, buying horse insurance may make a lot of sense.

You Would Be Financially Impacted if Something Happened to Your Horses

Of course, you would probably be heavily emotionally affected if something were to happen to one of your horses. However, many horse owners wouldn’t be financially impacted very much by the death of a horse. If you would be, though — such as if you use your horses for breeding or teaching riding lessons, for example — then buying insurance coverage for your horses can help you protect yourself financially.

You’re Concerned About the Ongoing Costs of Owning Your Horses

Owning horses can be pretty expensive. If you’re concerned about the cost of medical care that your horses might need later on, then buying the right insurance coverage can help you be prepared for these costs and can help you ensure that your horses get the medical care that they need, when they need it.

Buying insurance coverage to cover your horses can be a smart financial decision for many equine enthusiasts. Try talking to an insurance agent if you’d like to learn more about this coverage or if you’re unsure of whether you should purchase this coverage.

How to Make Your Military Move Easier When You Have Pets

Moving a lot because you or your spouse are in the military can be challenging and stressful enough. Things can be even tougher for you if you have pets, though. There are certain things you can do to make your military move a little easier if you’re a pet owner. Try these tips to help maintain your sanity while bringing your pets along with you on your upcoming military move.

Start Looking for Pet-Friendly Rentals

Many military families rent because they don’t want to commit to owning a home when they know that they might have to move in a few years. Renting can be great because it offers flexibility for military families, but it can be tough if you have pets. When you start looking for a rental in the city that your family is moving to, make sure that you look for a pet-friendly rental so that you won’t have any problems. You may want to work with a real estate agent in the area so that you can get help.

Board Your Pets

You may need to use the services of a pet boarding facility at some point while you’re preparing for your move. For example, having your pets boarded while you’re packing can help you keep your pets out of the way of the movers. Then, the packing and moving process can go more smoothly for everyone who is involved.

Use a Pet Shipping Service

Getting your pet to you and your family’s new home can be tough. To avoid dealing with it all yourself, consider using a pet shipping service that has experience in helping people with their military PCS with pets. Then, they can help by getting your pet to your family’s new home and allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your move.

Moving to a new place as a military family is not easy. If you have pets, you can make things easier for yourself by following these steps that have been outlined above.