3 Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Horseback riding can be an incredibly rewarding hobby, whether the goal is to show off skills in competitions or exploring meandering trails. Learning how to ride a horse can be a great accomplishment and lead to many years of enjoyment as long as the rider does so safely.

1. Wear Protective Equipment

Wearing a helmet while horseback riding is a must. If something happens and the rider falls to the ground, they could become seriously injured. A helmet can protect against concussion, permanent injuries or even death. Wearing the right shoes is also important, as slipping from the stirrups can cause problems while riding. Make sure as well to equip your horse with the proper Exercise saddle for Race Horse so that you and your horse are both comfortable when having a ride.

2. Ride With Others

It is best to go out riding with others in case of an emergency. It is important to remember that someone should be nearby, even if the rider is staying in a penned-in area to practice on horse jump walls or simply warm the horse up for an activity. Riding with others, especially if the rider is inexperienced, can be a good safeguard against accidents. It is always good to have a more experienced person around who can watch over the group and give tips.

3. Stay Alert

Horses communicate through a combination of body language and sounds. It is important to know what to look for when dealing with a horse. If the horse’s body tenses up and the rider does not realize it, that can lead to trouble. Keeping an eye on the horse, weather, terrain and surrounding animals is a good way to ensure the horse and rider will not be startled by anything.

While horseback riding has many perks, there are some risks involved. Failing to wear proper protective equipment or read a horse’s body language can result in injuries. By staying alert and taking the time to learn how a horse reacts in certain situations, accidents can be avoided.

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