3 Tips for Buying Purebred Puppies

If you are looking to purchase or adopt your own furry friend, it is very important to find a responsible breeder. These three tips can help you ensure that the labrador puppies or any other breeds you’re considering are healthy and responsibly bred.

1. Visit the Breeder On-Site

It is possible to purchase a dog from anywhere in the country and receive your new puppy without leaving your home through puppy shipping Castle Rock CO. However, if you are planning on purchasing from a breeder out of state you should consider visiting the breeder in person first. Unfortunately, selling purebred dogs is a big business and many irresponsible breeders hide the deplorable conditions their dogs are kept in behind a legitimate-looking website. Visiting the breeder on-site gives you the chance to see that the breeder is responsible and provides the dogs with good living conditions before you agree to a purchase.

2. Report Puppy Mills

Many puppy mills keep their dogs in cramped, dirty cages and rarely let them out to play or socialize. These conditions promote the spread of disease and many of these animals have health conditions that their new owners will spend thousands of dollars on. If you encounter a puppy mill during your search for a puppy, report it to local animal control.

3. Be Aware of Poor Breeding Practices

Inbreeding, which is the breeding of two closely related dogs, can lead to medical problems, such as dysplasia, heart murmurs, blindness and deformities. Some of these problems are not obvious until later in life, so irresponsible breeders may get away with selling puppies that appear healthy, but will develop these conditions. If you consider you and your dog might need some help, use the next link to find a dog trainer near me.

A purebred dog can be a wonderful addition to your family, but purchasing from an irresponsible breeder could cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and provide financial support for animal cruelty. These three tips can help you purchase a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder.

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