4 Non-Riding Careers for People Who Love Horses

When you love horses and you want to make a career out of that passion, it can be easy to fall victim to the naysayers who push you toward a more traditional field. Don’t let them fool you, there are plenty of excellent careers to pursue that let you spend your days around the animals you love. To continuously discover more information about horses, you may look for an equestrian lifestyle subscription box.

1. Riding instructor

There are always people looking to improve their skills in the saddle, no matter how much experience they have. That gives you a great opportunity to share your knowledge with others while doing work you truly enjoy. Riding instructors may use their own horses or require students to have a private mount. Either way, horse insurance cost is something you should plan for to minimize your liability while working with inexperienced riders. Find a specialty you can focus on to help build a solid reputation within the local horse community.

2. Veterinarian

If you have mind for science, then a career as a large animal veterinarian is a great option. In addition to preventative care, equine vets also treat injuries and assist with some breeding operations. There are extensive educational requirements before you can enter this field, but there is also a solid employment outlook with a respectable salary range.

3. Veterinarian technician

If you like the idea of working with horses in the medical field but the idea of extended studies doesn’t have an appeal, then a veterinary technician may be a better choice. Most people enter the field after completing a two-year degree and passing an exam to get their certification. Vet techs assist the veterinarian with a wide range of tests and procedures.

4. Farrier

Horses are on their feet around the clock and healthy hooves are crucial to their wellbeing. Farriers trim, shape and shoe horses to protect them and ensure they are comfortable and sound. Horses need continual hoof care, so there are plenty of opportunities to attract and maintain clients.

5. Horse arena construction specialist

When it comes to a horse arena, building it properly is single handedly one of the best investments for you and your horses. If you dream of building a horse arena, you must undergo specialized engineering and architectural programs to have the skills necessary to build a safe arena for you and your horses. Then, you may offer your Horse arena construction services to those who want to build one for their horses.

A love of horses can translate into a stable and rewarding career. Explore what aspects of working with them appeals the most to you and then search for a possible path that focuses on it.

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