5 Essential Tools for Livestock Care

Whether you’re starting your own farm or just looking to upgrade the milk machine for old Betty, having the right equipment can make all the difference in keeping your livestock happy, healthy and safe. Here are five must-haves for the comfort of your animals and the security of your business.
1: Plastic Feeders

No matter how carefully you tend to your flock, illness is inevitable. Make sure you’re stocked up on plastic feeders, droppers and tubes to help them survive even when they’re too weak to eat.

2: Water Caddies

Water is the most precious commodity on a farm, and with high-quality caddies, you’ll never again have to worry about storing or transporting it. Different models come with different features, so take your time in finding the ones that are right for you.

3: Bucket Heater

With polar vortexes striking the nation, winter can be a deadly time for your animals. A bucket heater is not only cheap, easy and convenient, but it might also save lives when every minute counts.

4: Hen Houses

For all their uses, hens are troublesome animals, and you’re just asking for trouble if you don’t have a safe place to lock them up at night. Do yourself a favor and invest in a worthy hen house so they can’t break into your feed or strew garbage around your yard.

5: Nursing Nipples

Baby animals depend on nursing nipples. They also make great soothers for traumatized animals who have been through a scare or a shock. For more self-care supplies, click and find here.

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