A Few Words On Snake Care

Are you looking for reptiles for sale and buy one to be your pet? A snake perhaps? Well, you are surely a braveheart! However, you must consider that snakes are exotic pets and hence demand elaborate care and maintenance routine. You must be careful to ensure a comfortable habitat for the reptile and here are the basic tips on snake care.

Housing the snake

When it comes to housing the snake, you have to ensure adequate vertical and horizontal moving space for the reptile. Glass aquariums are the most recommended whilst the plexi-glass cases would do well too. A glass enclosure is needed so that the reptile stays under your observation all the time and also to assure an appropriate humid environ for the pet. You can put in some hanging ropes, grapevines or hardwood tree branches into the enclosure to facilitate vertical movement for the reptile. The enclosure must be filled with fresh water all the time as snakes love to immerse themselves into water.

Snake bedding

When it comes to snake bedding you should strictly avoid some specific materials like wood shavings, pea gravel and crushed corncob.  These substances carry bacteria and if the snake catches it any way it would be harmful for the reptile. The most suitable bedding options include terrycloth towels, paper towels, butcher paper, unprinted newsprint & indoor-outdoor carpeting.

Perfect climate

When it comes to having a pet snake at home, you should be careful about the climate. According to experts, snakes prefer warm temperatures, rich in humidity. That is why it’s suggested to keep your snake enclosure adequately filled with water so that the full body can be immersed wholly. In daytime, the enclosure temperature must be around 80 to 850 F whilst it must be reduced to 70 to 760 F at night. If you have got a huge cage, you can place heaters or heat lamps inside while heating pads would be good for small tanks. Don’t forget a thermometer inside the enclosure to keep check on the temperature.

Adequate sunlight

If you cannot get your pet reptile the natural outdoor sunlight, then you have to arrange for artificial Ultra-Violet lighting.

Feeding the snake

Snakes are mostly happy with mice and rats -you must make sure to get it frozen. Do not ever get live preys and the frozen one must be properly thawed & heated prior to the presentation. If you are looking for the best place for frozen snake food in UK, trust on  www.frozenreptile.co.uk. Frozen reptile is renowned for its ethically bred premium stock of snake food.

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