A Guide for Finding a Reputable German Shepherd Breeder

German Shepherds are smart and loyal family dogs that are great with children. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable Florida breeder if you want to add a purebred puppy to your family.

Get Referrals

The national breed club can provide the names of all AKC German Shepherd breeders Florida. Start by contacting the breeders closest to where you live. Veterinarians, groomers and trainers can also offer recommendations

Schedule Visits

Try to visit at least three breeders. The cleanliness of the dogs and their environment will reveal a great deal about each breeder’s standards. Look for red flags such as incessant barking or fighting.

Meet the Parents

Any reputable breeder will make sure that their puppies’ parents are available for you to see. Observing the health and temperament of both parents can provide clues about a puppy’s development. The best breeders are interested in the overall health and future of the breed. They take great care when matching a sire and a dam.

Expect To Be Interviewed

Great breeders are deeply committed to their dogs. They will hold you to rigorous standards before releasing a dog to your care. Be prepared to answer questions about your daily schedule, your children and your travel plans, among others.

You Must Wait for Your Puppy

You will not be able to take your puppy home as soon as it is born, even if you have been waiting many months for a new litter. A puppy will remain dependent on its mother until about eight weeks of age.

You Receive a Care Package

Your breeder should send you and your puppy home with several items to help you start your new life together. These include a health and vaccination schedule, a bag of food, a toy, detailed care instructions, literature about German Shepherds and a certificate of AKC registration.

German Shepherds have many wonderful qualities that make them desirable pets, however, they may not be ideal dogs for everyone. Florida’s most reputable breeders can help you weigh the pros and cons of bringing a German Shepherd into your family.

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