Amazing And Simple Dog Tricks You Can Teach At Home

If you are planning to get a pet, dog and you want it to learn some cool and amazing Dog Tricks, then the key is to start training your dog at an early age. The younger they are taught, the faster they learn and the longer they remember. If you have a dog, make sure you contact a professional trainer first, he or she can tell what kind of tricks would suit your dog. You can take some tips from the professional to reach your dog some tricks at home. You can also register your dog for professional training and take him or her to the trainer regularly for 2-3 months.

You can Learn More by checking out some online videos and tutorials on how to train your dog with simple tricks and antics.

  • Easy tricks to teach

You will find tutorials on all kinds of simple home tricks for dogs-

a)      Doggy hi-five

b)      Handshake

c)      Roll over

d)     Play dead

Apart from these, you can also try some advanced tricks like teaching your dog to fetch the newspaper to even toilet training. If you have a guard dog, you can professionally train the dog to guard, stay alert and bark or attack at times of need as well.

Dogs are quick learners. Their masters are their life and they will remain loyal forever. They do all this to get your love and attention and they love their asters to death. So when you train your dog, don’t forget to play with him or her and give treats and surprises as well. Feed them well and make sure they get enough affection and exercise too.

You may also choose to visit to check out some cool videos of trained dogs doing exceptional tricks.

  • Points to remember

Here are few points, which you should keep in mind when you train your dog-

a)      Make sure you reward the dog with treats very time it learns something or does something right.

b)      Make sure you show the same spot for toilet training.

c)      Use hand gestures and movements to animatedly show your dog on how to complete a talk.

Be gentle, playful and nice with your dog. You’ll get back the favor in return.

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