Avoiding the Tricky Trick on Doog Food to Get Healthy Dog Food


Dog Food

Dog Food

Some people are still struggling to get the safe and healthy doog food. There are numerous brands and types of dog food; we can even find one for special breed. However, the most important things on dog food are safety and health. The most basic thing we should check is definitely FDA approval. Even though we can find a dog food with long list of nutrition, but if it does not get FDA approval, then just forget it. The best dog food is one that able to supply enough nutrition to our dog.

Our dogs need 50% of vegetables, 10% of grain, 40% of meat on their doog food. Our puppies need more than 22% of protein, while adult dogs need 18% of protein. 4% of fiber is needed to help their digestive system. Fat is needed, but it should be adjusted with their activity, so they won’t get overweight. One skill we should have is label reading skill. The manufacturers can be quite tricky. They are separating all the ingredients. For example, chicken, corn gluten, ground corn, and so on. It does not mean that the chicken is dominating the ingredient. On the other side, the number of corn is actually so much higher than chicken.

Usually the manufacturers are using priority list. For example, if corn is listed on the top and we can find chicken underneath, then the amount of corn will be bigger than the chicken. Be critical on the label. For example, “dog food with extra liver” is different from “dog food with liver taste”. Therefore, be very careful when choosing doog food.

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