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How to Make Your Military Move Easier When You Have Pets

Moving a lot because you or your spouse are in the military can be challenging and stressful enough. Things can be even tougher for you if you have pets, though. There are certain things you can do to make your military move a little easier if you’re a pet owner. Try these tips to help maintain your sanity while bringing your pets along with you on your upcoming military move.

Start Looking for Pet-Friendly Rentals

Many military families rent because they don’t want to commit to owning a home when they know that they might have to move in a few years. Renting can be great because it offers flexibility for military families, but it can be tough if you have pets. When you start looking for a rental in the city that your family is moving to, make sure that you look for a pet-friendly rental so that you won’t have any problems. You may want to work with a real estate agent in the area so that you can get help.

Board Your Pets

You may need to use the services of a pet boarding facility at some point while you’re preparing for your move. For example, having your pets boarded while you’re packing can help you keep your pets out of the way of the movers. Then, the packing and moving process can go more smoothly for everyone who is involved.

Use a Pet Shipping Service

Getting your pet to you and your family’s new home can be tough. To avoid dealing with it all yourself, consider using a pet shipping service that has experience in helping people with their military PCS with pets. Then, they can help by getting your pet to your family’s new home and allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your move.

Moving to a new place as a military family is not easy. If you have pets, you can make things easier for yourself by following these steps that have been outlined above.

20 Types Of Dogs That You Can Keep By Your Own

Types of Pets Dogs at Home :
1. French Bulldog French
French Bulldog is a dog that is fun, easy-care friend, funny, affectionate and enthusiastic but not noisy, they are also smart so much easier for you guys practice compliance.French Bulldog French
2. Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu is. Is a breed of dog originating from China, which, if interpreted, shih tzu means lion dog. A small dog breed that has a short snout and dark eyes
Although small, shiba inu dog is often used to help the owner to hunt birds and rabbits.Shih Tzu
3. Shiba Inu
Simba Inu is one Spitz breeds that originated in Japan. Although small, shiba inu dog is often used to help the owner to hunt birds and rabbits.SHIMBA INU

4. Pomeranian
Is one type of dog Spitz, which is kind of a small dog. Often also termed as toy dogs, and often also known as dog pom pom. A kind of pet dogs are popular and widely known Pomeranian

5. Pekingese
Is a breed of dog originating from State china. This Pekingese breeds have the body that tend to be small and compact, has a body that tends to be heavy and too resilient. Personable, intelligent breed of dog but stubborn. Aggressive but also a type of dog that could be considered good and friendly Pekingese
6. Maltese
Is a small breed of dog, has a shape of a long body, a round head and large eyes. And dogs are often invited to play. Is not a breed of dog that is agile or nimble and capable of tracking.Maltese

7. Labrador Retriever
Is a dog breed retrievers, which looks like a dog breed golden retriever. Is a breed of dog that is widely used for the benefit of the tracker, but also a type of dog that is very friendly and is widely used as a family pet, equally bleak Golden.

Labrador Retriever

8. Boston Terrier
The group of these dogs come originally from Boston, United States. This dog has a height of approximately 38.1 to 43.2 cm and weighs 7.7 to 11.3 kg. At the head of the Boston Terrier has a round shape and square-shaped and the snout.
This deficiency in the dog tends to easily suffer from heart disease so it is not allowed to exercise too much during the day (hot air). According to this dog could survive until the age of 10-13 years. For fur in dogs is quite short with variations of black, white and spotted.Boston Terrier
9. Chihuahua
A race type or breed of dog is the smallest when compared to other breeds. They have very short fur and even tend to like bald. Cihuahua dog is a breed of dog that is very popular in the world because of its funny and also very interesting Chihuahua
10. Havanes Bichon
This dog came from the Mediterranean. This dog group generally has a smooth wavy fur and has a white, beige, brown, and gray -. They have a double layer of fur or hair with a light texture that serves to protect it from the weather is warm, like when in CubaHavanes Bichon
11. Golden Retriever Dog
A pet dog that attracted many people because it possesses the most loyal, gentle and loves kids. This dog is also known for its high intelligence, He is very prominent with the power that is aligned with the intelligence that subsequently supported by the body are medium size suitable for hunting Golden Retriever Dog

12. Bichon Frise
This dog comes from the Spanish State. Specifications This dog has a height of about 24 cm – 29 cm, shades of white feathers and sometimes there is a little yellow or cream around the ear and on the body. One of the advantages of these dogs they are often maintained as a dog toy, which generally is often included in agility and obedience dog competitions in the world. Bichon Frise
13. Beagle
These dogs came from England Generally beagles known as Hunters dog’s name and it turned out law enforcement in some countries also likes to use these dogs as guard dogs. Physical characteristics that have these dogs is 25-28 cm tall, weighing 7-11 kg, muscular body, long ears, brown eyes and hair shades of black, and white and brown.Beagle
14. Rottwailer
These dogs come from Germany. These dogs are very popular throughout the country. Characteristic in this dog has a body of well-built and handsome. In addition it is also the hallmark firm on this dog. This dog has a high enough confidence so that the dog rottweller often used by the police state.rottie
15. Hairless khala
It is one of the dogs with feathers at least, according to research there are two types of hairless Khala, the first is hairless kalla medio which has shorter legs and hairless Khala grande who have longer legs and to have a body more muscular and nice made in a guard dog. Khala dog breed is a dog with a slight variant like chinese crested feathers and they have little hairs on his head that looked like a Mohawk haircut, although cheniese crested feathers on the head towering long. Hairless khalla
16. Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky is a medium-sized breed of dog and woolly. This is a group of purebred dogs are not vicious, even can say too good to foreigners who, though not the owner. At first glance this dog like a wolf, and a lot of races world standards say the formation of siberian husky in because the result of natural crosses. Aside from the Siberian Husky has a trait that is fun for humans. This breed is a dog that can not be silent and very active. Friendly and gentle personality is a form of the past who owned this dog, because the first time the Chukchi people are very attentive and affectionate in maintaining this dog. These dogs come from the State ALASKASiberian Husky
17. Affenpinscher
Physical characteristics of these dogs are in the ears that is symmetrical and dense rough fur. In the fur Affenpinscher has a length of approximately 1 inch and to the tail and buttocks tend to have shorter fur than feathers on his body ..
Affenpinscher is one of the toy dog ​​breeds (dog toys) oldest originating from Germany in the 1600s. When used dogs are often used to hunt rodents in agricultural land and also in houses.
This dog has a beautiful coat of black, gray, silver, beige, black-brown, or red. For body size Affenpinscher has a height of about 23-30 cm and weighs approximately 3-3.5 kg.Affenpinscher

18. Belgian Malinois
From the name alone, we already know that this breed comes from the Belgian state. This dog is a shepherd dog group, which has very similar characteristics to the German shepherd dog breeds. For this body size medium, with a high body posture and also stout. This dog is a breed of dog that is very authoritative. Apart from that they are also very well trained and have the advantage on the sense of smell and excellent instincts.Belgian Malinois
19. Border Collie
Border Collie is a wonderful dog to be kept at home. intelligence and docile nature makes it easy to train. This dog also has a medium size of 30 to 40 pounds. These dogs also have the energy, stamina and hardiness. If you are the type of person who is busy and requires co-workers, you may be interested to woo this dog. Collie is a type of dog that is in desperate need of work in his life, he would not be happy even if he has been unemployed at home. Border Collie
20. Australian Cattle Dog

Australia’s native dog known to be very active and have a strong physical and mental well-trained. He also always trustworthy if given something, she would keep her belongings from animals or other people. Cattle dog also includes dogs that have the ability to think independent and highly creative. Among the most popular activities for Australian Cattle Dog agility dogs. It is ideal for navigating obstacles, because as a herding dog was reactive to the handler’s body language and willing to work accurately at a distance from the handler. Agility has been used by cattle owners Dog to instill confidence in their dogs, and improve their performance in training and competitionAustralian Cattle Dog

3 Easy Ways Care Of Dogs At Home

housedogs adorable
Hi friend this time I will discuss how / tips on caring for dogs .. actually take care of the dog was not hard .. remember not difficult, practically difficult yes, in saying yes is not too easy;)
Straight to…

tips on caring for dogs at home
1. Dogs that are new to the home that need to be adaptable first friend ,, new dog to try not to be invited to play at home first let stand for 2 to 3 hours.
2. The dog who had just arrived home usually not fed first wait 12 hours after the dog arrived at home, because the new dog comes directly fed normally would appear just as the hunger problem and so on.
3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT friend give food to taste. Do not go overboard because if eating too much later portion of your dog apt to diarrhea
4. REMEMBER DO NOT vaccination and bathed at least 1 week since she came home
5. The new dog will usually weep 2-3 days. When she was crying so be it
6. Check the health of the dog who had come to the nearest vet.
7. Love and care about your dog wholeheartedly sure your dog will love you wholeheartedly.

tips on caring for dogs at home 1
Keeping animals was a big responsibility. Sesame living creatures we must respect each other and cherish. Patience in maintaining a pet is obligatory
Even your dog can be taught since childhood that he is below you. How? Try face kept her eyes until she turned. Another great form of exercise is rubbing her belly while she was on her back, because it put him in a subordinate position. Suppose your dog naughty and still acting up when you say “Stop”, trying to ignore him and leave the room.

tips on caring for dogs at home 2
Dogs are intelligent animals. They have been trained to track down drugs and explosives, assist persons with disabilities, and carry out missions of search and rescue.

tips on caring for dogs at home 3
You need to know the traits dogs. As with wolves, dogs instinctively live in groups under one leader. Dog you consider your family as a group, and he must understand that you are the leader.
If your dog obey your commands, it’s a sign he recognizes that you are the leader. Suppose you are an owner does not assert your position as a leader, your dog can conclude that he is equal to or higher than you, and this can affect their behavior.
Remember, dogs are gregarious animals. If too long confinement, he will become hyperactive, constantly barking, and destructive. With the proper training, your dog can be a faithful companion of fun-not being a bully.

tips on caring for dogs at home 4
1. Always use the same words every command
2. Dogs like to be called by his name. So, include name when giving orders. But, do not call her name when scolding, such as the command “Stop!” Your dog must learn that if he is called by his name, the result would have been nice, not a punishment.
3. Frequently gave him praise. Many dogs will be under if by affection rather than by food
4. practice time should be short and fun.
5. Do not give him too much attention when he misbehaves so you unconsciously supports mischief.


Hopefully fun with your dog

A Few Ideas To Discourage Your Dog From Eating Poop

A Few Ideas To Discourage Your Dog From Eating Poop

A Few Ideas To Discourage Your Dog From Eating Poop

Making sure your furry member of the family is properly trained is essential to keeping a stable home. The last thing you need is a dog who doesn’t listen. One of the best things you can do in regard to training your dog is to always be on the lookout for new tips and information you can use to help you with that training. Tips like the ones in this article are the things to look for.

Try to think like a dog. Things that seem simple to you may not be as simple to your dog if he is having a hard time learning them. Understand your dogs position, to reduce any tension that you may have towards them. Try to see the world through their eyes.

You should have a specific feeding pattern for your dog. Train your dog to understand that you are going to remove their food bowl upon fifteen minutes of feeding them. This will establish a feeding schedule for your dog. This will set a quality schedule for your dog so that they are ready for all meals. more…