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Natural Yard Control for Mosquitoes

Before lighting the grill for a summer barbecue, keep in mind one unwanted visitor to your party: the mosquito. While this flying pest is usually seen as only an annoyance, mosquitoes can spread diseases that affect pets and people. By understanding how your yard can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and choosing a quality organic mosquito control spray, you and your family can enjoy the summer without these itch-inducing pests.

No Mosquitoes Allowed

The first step to making sure your yard is a no-mosquito zone is to make your yard as uninviting as possible. Mosquitoes love standing water, and this is the area they like to lay their eggs so the first area to tackle is anywhere with large puddles of water. These areas can include runoff from your gutters, small ponds, and even bird baths.  Draining these areas is the best approach. However, if you can’t get your yard free of standing water, pouring unused coffee grounds into these areas has been found to stop the growth of young mosquitoes.

Use Organic Chemicals

Eco-friendly organic alternatives are now readily available to treat your yard to keep mosquitoes at bay. A lot of these yard sprays use essential oils to repel pests, and the same essential oils that work to repel mosquitoes can also keep ticks and spiders out of your yard. Oils used in organic mosquito sprays can include citronella, peppermint, camphor, lemon eucalyptus, and cedar. When applied to your yard as directed by the product’s label, these compounds can work just as well as the manufactured yard sprays of the past.

Enjoying your yard in the summertime does not have to be an itchy experience. With the new organic and natural products to keep mosquitoes away, you can enjoy your time outside while also protecting yourself and your family.

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Four Gift Ideas for Your Sentimental Mom or Wife This Mother’s Day

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day the next time it rolls around? What have you picked out for your sentimental wife to remind her that you and the kids appreciate her more than anything? If you have little to no idea what to gift that special lady in your life for Mother’s Day, take a hint from the following four gift ideas for sentimental moms.

Customizable Jewelry to Represent the Ones She Loves Most

You’ve seen the necklaces, bracelets, and rings that feature the names and/or birthstones of loved ones. And mothers, especially newbies, LOVE these kinds of best unique baby gifts, and a comfortable baby stroller. It reminds them of those they adore most, while being something sentimental that they can cherish for years to come. Put some thought into it. When in doubt, aim to make her feel loved and cry happy tears.

Classic DIY Cards and Crafts from Her Kids or Grandkids

There’s nothing sweeter than getting a DIY card from your toddler, complete with a scribbled name in a heart that takes up the whole page. They’re even better when accompanied by hugs. Get the kids or grandkids together and craft with them. Make something special that speaks to mom’s heart. But be sure to clean up the crafting messes so she doesn’t have to.

Spa Days That End with a Homecooked Meal and Plenty of Time for Things She Loves to Do

Most moms need some time to themselves. It’s a challenge taking care of kids, keeping a tidy house, and working all day, even if you have help. So, send that special lady to a spa for a queen treatment that includes a massage, manicure, pedicure, and some time to relax, read, watch television, or simply sit in peace. When she gets home, surprise her with her favorite home-cooked meal. Don’t leave a mess.

Little Trinkets That Remind Her of Cherished Moments and Memories

Sometimes the smallest trinkets and keepsakes make the biggest, most positive impacts in mom’s heart. Gift her with something she can look at as a cherished moment or memory. Examples? Beautiful picture frames with her loved ones in the photograph, a sweet statuette that represents sentimental times with her family, or a bouquet of her favorite flowers, but pressed in glass to last forever.

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