Celebrating Your Favorite Dog

If you are a lover of dogs, you should take time to look for a dog garden statue or sculpture. Even if you do not have garden, these statues will stand effectively as a decorative piece of art on their own. But if you do have garden, placing a dog statue by your front steps or door enhances your outdoor appearance. It is also a lovely sight for your visitors and serves to make them feel welcome. Another great idea is purchasing a solar lighted dog statue. There are many that can be made to look as if it were hanging from the dog’s mouth. The lantern may be removed during the day time and re-charged. If you would rather not hang the lantern, you can simply let it stand next to the dog. It will have the appearance of the dog sitting it there waiting for his master to get it.

These lamps are very functional for security purposes as well. They contain a number of led lights working together provide sizable illumination to the area. Some models even have super bright lights. Led technology is improving rapidly. Soon they will be capable of providing light comparable to that of traditional bulbs.
Another way to celebrate your dog is to commission a portrait of him or her. Look for artist who specialize in pet portraits to capture the true likeness of your pet. You can look through the Yellow pages or online to find a artist in your area capable of this task.

These are just a few of the ways that you could choose to memorialize your dog. If these all seem a little much for you then you could simply purchase a nice decorative urn and use it to store your dog’s remains. No matter how you choose to remember your dog he will always be part of your heart.

If your dog has passed our you just want a remembrance somewhere, you may feel the need to place some kind of marker in the garden. Instead of choosing a traditional headstone you could choose a statue in the likeness of your dog. A dog memorial statue is a great idea. . If your dog is to be buried in your garden you can remove it and relocate it if you move. It allows you to bring the memory of him or her with you. I found the best selection of dog memorial statues at Allsculptures.com. If this seems like a little much you can always purchase a nice urn to store your dogs remains. It is portable a beautiful decor piece that works well anywhere in the home.
If you are more tech savvy creating a website dedicated to your dog is a wonderful idea. Many people have dog blogs which they talk about the ins and outs of dog ownership. It is also a great way to relate to friends and other dog lovers around the world. No matter how you celebrate your dogs life I hope my little blog has inspired you!

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