Cheap Alternative Dog Shampoo with Baking Soda

Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

This is true that price don’t lie when it comes to buy dog shampoo. Unlike other products, such a high quality dog shampoo usually come with high price and significantly much more expensive than the lower quality ones. But the fact is that to get your beloved pet clean and shiny doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many alternatives available you can try on how to get cheap shampoo or even to keep your dog clean without even purchasing these expensive shampoos.

Alternatively, you can actually use baking soda to replace the expensive dog shampoo. Yes, what many don’t know is the fact that baking soda they usually found it at the kitchen may be used to keep your beloved dog clean and shiny, and at the same time also save you much of money in the long run. And to do it is quite simple. All you need to do is just to sprinkle the baking soda to the dog’s coat and followed by rubbing it with your hand. And the process doesn’t end up that way. After you rub the baking soda, you may finish with a good brushing.

The reason why we use baking soda is simply because baking soda has the characteristic to neutralize odors. And baking soda also is effective to remove the dirt and oils from your dog. Well, now you have baking soda as an alternatively cheap yet effective dog shampoo.

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