Cute and Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

Unique Dog Names

When I heard about unique dog names, it reminds me of Paris Hilton. She has so many dogs, about six dogs and there are all having cute names. One of the most popular is definitely Tinkerbell that follow her on Simple Life shooting, but there are actually other dogs and Paris gives it unique names like Prada. Well, it looks funny to give a brand name as our dogs’ name, but we must admit that the name is cute. If we are looking for dog names, then we can try to be as creative as we can and forget about the conventional dog names.

Here are some unique dog names for male dog. Hogan can be a good choice. It means “young”, so it suits dogs that always active, Nero is a good name. It is the name of cruel Rome Caesar, so it suits dogs that have high confidence. Taz suits dogs that are having huge amount energy, it reminds us of Tasmania. For female dogs, we can name them with our favorite shoes or clothes line just like Paris did. Gina is a good choice, moreover for dogs that are having so much spirit and always cheer us up. Hope is also a good name. It suits a dog that will accompany us for a long time.

Here are some examples of cute names. What have you named yours? Tell us at top life protection plans in the UK. If we are having a dog with reddish hair, we can name it ginger. For female dog with charisma, we can name it Madeline. If our dogs love eating a lot, then food names like noodle can be a cute choice. Choose the unique dog names based on the character of our dogs.

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