Dog Food Reviews: Vegetarian vs Traditional


love their dogs and tend to view them as family members, so naturally

they will want to give their pets the best food available. Reading up on dog food reviews is a great way to achieve this, although some people are still stumped when it comes to the debate on vegetarian

dog food versus traditional meat-based varieties. Here are some of

the benefits and downfalls of each:


of Vegetarian Food


people who choose to feed their dogs a vegetarian diet cite health as

the main reason. These owners believe that making their dogs eat a

plant-based diet will help circumvent disease and


Ecological impact is another common reason to

feed a vegetarian diet. Plants require considerably fewer resources

and can be produced in greater quantities than meat. Many owners also

cite ethical reasons for feeding a vegetarian diet, claiming that

eating other animals is immoral.


of Vegetarian Food


of issues like morality and resource availability, the simple fact

remains that dogs are carnivores. They are built to efficiently

consume and digest animal tissue. Nutrient deficiencies are another

reason why vegetarian diets aren’t ideal. Plants fail to supply

numerous vitamins and amino acids that dogs need to be


Furthermore, many dog owners are seeing an increase

in health problems caused by plant-containing foods. These include

allergies, autoimmune diseases, mysterious rashes, chronic

infections, obesity and even cancer.


of Traditional Food


biggest problem with traditional dog foods is their impact on the

environment. Raising livestock for meat requires vast amounts of

resources and tends to create pollution issues regarding farm runoff.

Furthermore, modern methods of raising livestock are notoriously

inhumane. The animals are often kept in excessively small cages and

may be forced to live standing in a pile of their own excrement,

which is not only cruel but also a disease risk.


of Traditional Foods


traditional food provides all of the nutrients that dogs need in

order to thrive. However, veterinarians are starting to recommend

that dog owners feed their pets foods made with real meat and no

grains. This helps to prevent many of the chronic illnesses that

people have been seeing in their pets within the last several


Ultimately, it is up to dog owners to decide what to

feed their pets. Whether a dog’s diet is vegetarian or traditional,

quality food matters more than anything. When choosing a food, people

are encouraged to look up dog food reviews to help them select brands

that are both nutritious and appealing to their dogs.

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