Dog Training Equipment

A Dogtra E-collar may be just what a pet owner needs to get control of his or her life. Before scoffing at the idea or ruling it out because it is not a nice way to treat a pet, stop and remember all of the ways a dog is capable of disrupting an owner’s life. If the constant barking, digging in the neighbor’s flower beds, upsetting the street’s trash cans or “marking his territory” on the table leg does not signal a dog that has control over an owner, then the owner should have pity on the neighbors and the neighborhood. A constantly barking dog is not nice, nor is any of the other destructive behaviors very nice of the dog. Face it- an out-of-control dog is less nice than using a humane method to modify his behavior.

Dogtra training collars come in various sizes and methods to get a dog’s attention. Some dogs need less of an attention grabber than others. Two types of stimulation, known as “Nick” and “Constant” allow the dog owner to choose the best method. The collars also come in low to high outputs so owners have another choice in determining the best option. The Nick stimulation is a short burst and the Constant stimulation lasts as long as the button is held down. An alternative choice is a non-stimulating collar that only vibrates to get the dog’s attention.

The e-collars are meant as a training device to help modify undesirable behaviors. By curbing these undesirable behaviors, the dog becomes a calmer, loving and dependable pet.

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