Essential Tips To Get Rid Off Fleas On Dogs

The flea problem is no less than a nightmare for every pet-owner. Canines are susceptible to flea attack which are truly endangering for their health and hygiene. Fleas thrive on pet blood and if not checked on time your poodle pal is most likely to suffer from anemic- besides the constant scratching makes them irritable as well. In fact, a flea attack on puppies can be fatal for the little one. Are you too concerned about the flea problem bugging your canine companion? Well, not to worry as the article here is all about how to get rid of fleas.

Treat Your Home

First of all you must know that if your pet is under flea attack, there must be fleas around your house. It’s said that only 5 percent of the fleas are on the dog and the maximum 95 percent are inside and around the house. Thus you have to keep your home clean and tidy to prevent any sign of the flea menace. It’s suggested that you wash off your bedding, covers and cushions regularly- the same goes with the dog toys. Your vacuum cleaner is your bestie and uses it to such off the flea egg, larvae and pupae from the sofa sides, carpets, floor as well as the narrow crevasses of the room. Don’t forget the skirt boards & cracks in the floorboards. The carpets and the dog toys must be laid out in the sun at least once in a week.

Use Flea-Killer Insecticides

This is another important step when you are fighting against flea attack in your home. There are a great number of flea repellents in the market but you have to specifically vouch with IGR content. IGR is the acronym of “Insect Growth Regulator” and it acts as the birth control measure for these heinous blood-sucking insects. You have tp spray the IGR based insecticide in each of the rooms, bathroom as well as in your garden, porch, patio, deck and the dog kennel. The IGR stops the flea eggs & larvae from developing into matured flea.

Bath Your Pet Properly

It’s to mention here that both your property and poodle friend must be treated on the same day. After you are done with the property, concentrate on the pet. Submerge the dog in lukewarm water with the head raised above. Ask your vet for flea fighting soap and rub it on the dog’s body. Now, take the flea comb and sweep it from the shoulders to the entire body. It’s advised that you place some Vaseline on the comb so that the fleas get stuck to it. Get a cup of hot water beside the bath tub where you will drop the caught fleas from the dog hair.

Use Flea Preventive Tablets

There are flavored FDA approved flea preventive tablets for dogs. Mix the tablets with your dog diet every month and you will have a flea-free time for the next 30 days.

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