How to Train Your Dog as Guardian


How To Train Your Dog

How To Train Your Dog

How to train your dog so it can be a guardian can be challenging. Some people want their dog to be a loving dog, but some other wants their dog to be a guardian dog. Whether or not your dog can be a good guardian dog is influenced by so many things especially their breed. Therefore, when you want to make your dog a guardian dog, you are not recommended to choose dogs like Golden Retriever. Even though it has a big body, but it is very friendly. Choose other breeds like Pit bull, Doberman or Rottweiler.

The first thing you have to pay attention to on how to train your dog is the age. If you want the dog to be a perfect guardian, then make sure to train when it is young. Adult dogs that love cuddling will be a poor candidate for guardian and they won’t be able to change their character that has stick as their identity. Before train your dog, it is very important to socialize the dog. Take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood, so they can recognize people around your home. With that way, they won’t attack children and people in your area.

When training the dog, make sure to train it to bite fabric, not body. With this training, the dog will only bite and rip fabric without hurting the body part. When you are putting your dog for a train, make sure to choose the right trainer based on your need and communicate what the result you want from the training. How to train your dog can be so much fun, so make sure to take participation.

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