Join the social network for our pets

If you belong to any social networks, you have probably noticed how many people enjoy posting photos of their pets and talking about their latest antics. Maybe you do this as well. At the same time, you sometimes see a backlash against people who focus on their pets too much. PetNetWorld has created a solution to this dilemma -a social network for pets. Or, more precisely, pet owners who can create personas based on their pets.

If this sounds like fun to you, you should join the social network for pets at This is a fairly new concept, but it’s likely to be quite popular. Millions of people adore their cats, dogs and other pets and like nothing more than to discuss them. PetNetWorld gives these people a chance to create actual social profiles for their four-legged friends.

On PetNetWorld you can create a profile by choosing a name and a photo of your pet. There are endless possibilities for interesting discussions. It’s also a chance to interact with animal lovers from all over the world. As with other social networks, you can share photos and videos. You can also join and create groups based on certain locations, certain types of pets or any special pet related interest you might have.

PetNetWorld is an innovative concept for social networking, and the perfect place for people whose pets are an important part of their lives.

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