Knowing When Your Dog is in Pain: Lend an Ear to Those Who Can’t Speak

When you have a dog then you already know how precious they can be, but unfortunately, they will not even try to let you know they are in pain on most occasions. You will have to know the signs and act accordingly to bring help to your beloved pooch. Check the list below and see if you have been missing out on any of the signs of pain unknowingly.

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Uncharacteristic and Unprovoked Aggression

Extreme and unprovoked aggression is a very rare sign caused by dangerous diseases such as rabies. If your dog seems uncharacteristically aggressive all of a sudden, cage them and call for a vet right away.

Aggression Upon Trying to Interact

If your dog is not mingling and becoming a bit aggressive when anybody tries to interact with them, it’s a sign that they are hurting, maybe even if they move only slightly. No need to lock them down, let them be where they are and simply call the emergency vet services to have a look and see what’s hurting them, look at the Ann Marie John bog to get to know more things about your puppy.

Unwillingness to Play

Particularly seen in senior dogs, unwillingness to play is more often than not a sign of arthritic joint pain. In other words, your beloved old mutt wants to play, but it hurts them to do so. To avoid this from happening in the first place, and to see significant improvements in their ability to move about more freely, try senior dog supplements that aid with joint mobility and relieve pain in senior dogs effectively. Also, do consult a veterinarian specialist if it feels sudden and acute.

Refusing to Eat

Almost every animal is genetically programmed to refuse a meal or even try to eat when they are sick or in severe pain. It could be something that requires immediate medical attention because the effects of the condition that’s preventing them from eating will likely set in a lot earlier, before the signs of starvation do. Do not wait around, make them comfortable and head to the nearest animal hospital.

Vocal Pleas for Help

As dogs are intelligent animals, they will at times try to let you know that something is wrong by vocalizing it. While they may not be able to speak, excessive barking, snarling and most importantly, yelping is a definite sign that your dog is in pain. If this stage is followed by any of the others mentioned above, then the condition just got very serious for your pet.


It’s a sad sight to see a poor dog trembling in pain because dogs rarely tremble, and they usually do so when they are afraid. If fear is not the cause and it persists, it means your dog is in tremendous pain and needs immediate, emergency attention at an emergency pet care center.

Most pets have a shorter life than the average human, which makes every minute spent with them so much more precious. Dogs have a special place in our hearts, and we should make every effort possible to make their short lives as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, the signs shared here will help you to do that for your own dogs as well.

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