Knowing When Your Dog is in Pain: Lend an Ear to Those Who Can’t Speak

When you have a dog then you already know how precious they can be, but unfortunately, they will not even try to let you know they are in pain on most occasions. You will have to know the signs and act accordingly to bring help to your beloved pooch. Check the list below and see if you have been missing out on any of the signs of pain unknowingly.

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Uncharacteristic and Unprovoked Aggression

Extreme and unprovoked aggression is a very rare sign caused by dangerous diseases such as rabies. If your dog seems uncharacteristically aggressive all of a sudden, cage them and call for a vet right away.

Aggression Upon Trying to Interact

If your dog is not mingling and becoming a bit aggressive when anybody tries to interact with them, it’s a sign that they are hurting, maybe even if they move only slightly. No need to lock them down, let them be where they are and simply call the vet to have a look and see what’s hurting them.

Unwillingness to Play

Particularly seen in senior dogs, unwillingness to play is more often than not a sign of arthritic joint pain. In other words, your beloved old mutt wants to play, but it hurts them to do so. To avoid this from happening in the first place, and to see significant improvements in their ability to move about more freely, try senior dog supplements that aid with joint mobility and relieve pain in senior dogs effectively. Also, do consult the vet if it feels sudden and acute.

Refusing to Eat

Almost every animal is genetically programmed to refuse a meal or even try to eat when they are sick or in severe pain. It could be something that requires immediate medical attention because the effects of the condition that’s preventing them from eating will likely set in a lot earlier, before the signs of starvation do. Do not wait around, make them comfortable and call for the vet.

Vocal Pleas for Help

As dogs are intelligent animals, they will at times try to let you know that something is wrong by vocalizing it. While they may not be able to speak, excessive barking, snarling and most importantly, yelping is a definite sign that your dog is in pain. If this stage is followed by any of the others mentioned above, then the condition just got very serious for your pet.


It’s a sad sight to see a poor dog trembling in pain because dogs rarely tremble, and they usually do so when they are afraid. If fear is not the cause and it persists, it means your dog is in tremendous pain and needs immediate, emergency attention.

Most pets have a shorter life than the average human, which makes every minute spent with them so much more precious. Dogs have a special place in our hearts, and we should make every effort possible to make their short lives as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, the signs shared here will help you to do that for your own dogs as well.

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Things To Consider Before Getting a Puppy

Adding a pet to your family is a big decision that comes with a lot of responsibility. While it is fun to have a puppy, you also have to consider everything it takes to be a pet owner. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Finances

As cute and cuddly as a new pet can be, he can also be quite pricey, especially a puppy. You should sit down and go through your budget to see if it can accommodate the frequent vet visits that come with bringing a home a young animal. Dogs need immunizations every few weeks as newborns, along with dewormer and an exam. As they grow into adulthood, doctor appointments will be intermittently required, but it is nice to have a veterinarian you can trust if your pet’s health fails.

2. Potty Training

A young puppy will undoubtedly have accidents in your house. He is similar to a newborn child in this way, except he can’t wear diapers. Potty training can be very frustrating and will take time. So, before you look for yorkies for sale orlando, be sure you have the patience to teach your new addition how to do things the right way.

3. Time

Along with a great deal of patience, you also need a lot of time in your schedule to help your pet adjust to his new surroundings. It is up to you to decide how you want to raise your puppy, but no matter how you want to do it, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Raising and taking care of animals not only comes with accountability, but it also brings a significant amount of happiness and companionship to your life. You may be surprised how a little bit of work can turn your stubborn, little puppy into the perfect addition to your family.

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Tips To Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

Summer may be several months away, but it is time to begin planning for your vacation. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, it is time to investigate the options available to you within your budget, on your time frame, and where you want to wander. Here are a few tips to help you plan your summer vacation.

1. Money

If you know your budget, you can begin a detailed list of what you may need and how much it will cost. Whether you are flying out of the country or staying in a city not too far away, you don’t want to be caught without enough cash to return home.

2. Goals

Some people are the spontaneous type that enjoys wandering aimlessly around until they find something interesting. Most individuals are the opposite and like to plan where they will stay, what they will see, and how long they will be away from home. No matter which type you are, if you know how you want to spend your time while vacationing, you will enjoy yourself.

3. Pets

Some people take their furry friends with them on vacation, but most find a pet sitter West Orange NJ to board their four-legged friend while they are out of town. Make sure you contact a pet sitter early enough to be put on their list – so you don’t need to worry about pet care.

4. Friends

Make arrangements with friends as soon as you can so you know who is going with you and how long they can vacation. Once your travel buddy pays for rooms, flights, and other incidentals, you can be assured you will not have to travel alone.

Every vacation is a unique one that takes you away from home to enjoy parts of the world you haven’t yet seen. Make it an enjoyable experience by using the four tips above.

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What to Get the Dog Parent Who Has It All

Everyone has a friend who loves dogs. Whether that friend loves pugs, terriers, or pit bulls, there is a great gift out there for each breed. When it comes to gifting for dog parents, you have to be careful to get the correct breed and correct phrasing on items. For example, if your friend bought their dog from a breeder, you do not want to get them anything that mentions rescues or being rescued. Below are some tips for buying for dog parents, especially for those that seem to have everything.

Start a Collection

Something simple to get your friend involved in are collections. There are collectible items for every dog breed out there, you just have to know which breed to get. Make sure you know the specifics too. There are many different types of terriers, but if your friend has a Scottish terrier, they are going to want Scottish terrier merchandise.

Gift Home Decor

Every pet parent loves to see their pet displayed on walls, pillows, or blankets. Today it is easy to personalize anything by putting a picture of a pet on it. This is also a good gift because it is thoughtful and shows that you know how much your friend’s dog means to them.

Gift for the Dog

If you are still stuck on a gift idea, give your friend something their dog would also love. This could be something like a gift card to the best dog friendly restaurant in town or a ticket to a dog friendly outdoor concert. Your friend would love to be able to bring their dog with them while enjoying whatever your gift may be.

If you have a dog loving friend in your life, you may be at a loss for what to get them. If you get stuck on finding the perfect gift, just remember what your friend likes and start there.

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