Pet Airline, Pet Shipping, and Animal Transportation

If you need to ship your dog, book a nonstop flight. Most problems happens in airports, not during the actual flights. Missed connections are a big problem when you’re shipping a dog. If you can’t get a nonstop flight, make sure there is enough time between flights for the connecting flight.

You should also check the pet airlines travel policy. Also, you want to avoid peak hour, such as holiday weekends. This may also get you more cooperation from airline personnel. During hot weather, avoid flights in the hottest part of the day. During cold weather, try to schedule a stopover in a warm city instead of a cold city.

Also book a good kennel for your dog. You also want to put a note on the outside of your dog’s cage. The note should include the dog’s name, owner’s name, final destination, flight numbers, and any special instructions or cautions. Your dog need be wear an identification tag. Attach a tag with your destination, including a phone number where you can be reached.

Don’t feed your animal for 6 hours before the flight, but attach some food and water to the outside of the carrier. This will allow someone to feed and water the dog without opening the cage. Opening the cage should be avoided if possible. Not only to avoid the risk getting bitten, but also might let the dog escape.

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