Protect Your Vehicle From Pets

A lot of vehicle owners don’t realise just how much damage a loved pet can do to a vehicle. Things can be torn, scratched, chewed and even pooped on! Once a few months have passed people then take a look inside their vehicles to find that a lot of the interior (and in some instances the exterior) of the vehicle is looking a lot older than the rest of the car, the pet is to blame! Here are a few ways to make sure that your pets don’t ruin the vehicle you drive! It doesn’t matter if you have a Mitsubishi contract hire car or a Mini Cooper, pets can ruin any car!

Dust Sheets Are Your Best Friends

If your animal has to get in the car with you every single day then it is well worth ensuring that you have dust sheets on hand to lay over the floor and seating. Even if your animal doesn’t look like it’s dirty it will still be covered in excess hair and dirt, this can then be left on your vehicle and if not cleaned up immediately will ruin the interior.

Laying out dust sheets also puts a stop to the possibility of your animal scratching or sneezing all over the place!

Vacuum And Clean The Interior

Even with dust sheets down in the car you will still find that the car will pick up the odd hair and dirt traces from your pet. Make sure that once a weekend (when you are washing the outside of the vehicle) you clean out the interior of the car. This can range from a quick vacuum to a full clean of the inside of the vehicle.

The vacuum process is something that should be done regularly but in terms of completely cleaning the inside of the car out, do that once a month if you can.

Wash Your Animal

Keeping your animal clean is actually the best way to ensure that your car is going to be kept clean and it is surprising to see just how many pet owners will not wash their animals on a regular basis. Although most pets will clean themselves, it is never going to be as good as physically giving them a bath or shower once a week.

Do these things and protect your car!


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