Rainforest Birds – Asian Fairy Bluebird

Rainforest Birds - Asian Fairy Bluebird

Rainforest Birds - Asian Fairy Bluebird

Chicken Title:

Hard anodized cookware Fairy Bluebird

Latina Title:

Irena puella


Minimum Issue

Medical Category:

Empire: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Course: Aves

Purchase: Passeriformes

Loved ones: Irenidae

Genus: Irena

Varieties: m. puella

Common Info:

The actual Hard anodized cookware Fairy Bluebird is really a common arboreal passerine chicken associated with moderate dimension. The only real additional person in the actual Irenidae loved ones may be the Filipino Fairy Bluebird that is native to the island towards the main Filipino island destinations. Generally going within sets, their own phone is really a fluid two-tone “glue-it. inch

Bodily Explanation:

The actual Hard anodized cookware Bluebird averages 28 cm long. This particular varieties is actually sexually dimorphic, which means the actual genders seem various. The actual guys tend to be dark as well as display shinning ultramarine azure colour along with lilac insights within the top components. The actual women as well as youthful guys tend to be boring within colour as well as display the brown azure color.

Diet plan:

The actual Bluebird consumes fresh fruit, mainly figs, in addition to nectar plus some little bugs. Periodic actions tend to be associated with fresh fruit showing trees and shrubs.


The actual Fairy Bluebird is actually common which range from far eastern Indian via Southeast Asian countries in order to Espresso as well as Palawan within the Philippines. This particular varieties can be found in damp hill-forest within the woodland canopy. Their own frail nests happen within saplings or even little trees and shrubs. They’re made of moss as well as little sticks right into a short mug form


The actual reproduction period for that Hard anodized cookware Fairy Bluebird is actually in between Feb as well as 04. Clutch system dimension is generally two to three ova which are coloured greenish whitened designated along with dark brown. The actual women would be the just types to construct the actual nests, even though each genders give food to the actual youthful.

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