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3 Easy Ways Care Of Dogs At Home

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Hi friend this time I will discuss how / tips on caring for dogs .. actually take care of the dog was not hard .. remember not difficult, practically difficult yes, in saying yes is not too easy;)
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tips on caring for dogs at home
1. Dogs that are new to the home that need to be adaptable first friend ,, new dog to try not to be invited to play at home first let stand for 2 to 3 hours.
2. The dog who had just arrived home usually not fed first wait 12 hours after the dog arrived at home, because the new dog comes directly fed normally would appear just as the hunger problem and so on.
3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT friend give food to taste. Do not go overboard because if eating too much later portion of your dog apt to diarrhea
4. REMEMBER DO NOT vaccination and bathed at least 1 week since she came home
5. The new dog will usually weep 2-3 days. When she was crying so be it
6. Check the health of the dog who had come to the nearest vet.
7. Love and care about your dog wholeheartedly sure your dog will love you wholeheartedly.

tips on caring for dogs at home 1
Keeping animals was a big responsibility. Sesame living creatures we must respect each other and cherish. Patience in maintaining a pet is obligatory
Even your dog can be taught since childhood that he is below you. How? Try face kept her eyes until she turned. Another great form of exercise is rubbing her belly while she was on her back, because it put him in a subordinate position. Suppose your dog naughty and still acting up when you say “Stop”, trying to ignore him and leave the room.

tips on caring for dogs at home 2
Dogs are intelligent animals. They have been trained to track down drugs and explosives, assist persons with disabilities, and carry out missions of search and rescue.

tips on caring for dogs at home 3
You need to know the traits dogs. As with wolves, dogs instinctively live in groups under one leader. Dog you consider your family as a group, and he must understand that you are the leader.
If your dog obey your commands, it’s a sign he recognizes that you are the leader. Suppose you are an owner does not assert your position as a leader, your dog can conclude that he is equal to or higher than you, and this can affect their behavior.
Remember, dogs are gregarious animals. If too long confinement, he will become hyperactive, constantly barking, and destructive. With the proper training, your dog can be a faithful companion of fun-not being a bully.

tips on caring for dogs at home 4
1. Always use the same words every command
2. Dogs like to be called by his name. So, include name when giving orders. But, do not call her name when scolding, such as the command “Stop!” Your dog must learn that if he is called by his name, the result would have been nice, not a punishment.
3. Frequently gave him praise. Many dogs will be under if by affection rather than by food
4. practice time should be short and fun.
5. Do not give him too much attention when he misbehaves so you unconsciously supports mischief.


Hopefully fun with your dog