Teaching Our Children about Dog Care

Dog Care

Dog Care

Dog care is an important that we should do to keep our dogs clean and healthy. If we are having children, it can be the best way to introduce our children about responsibility, unconditional love and care. Since most of us are buying dogs for children’s companion, then it had better for us to start recognize them the basic ways of dog care. It does not mean that we will tell them to replace us taking care of our dogs, but someday if they have to take care of their dogs, they can do it perfectly.

When we are feeding our dogs, make sure to measure it with glass and let our children watch us when we are measuring and feeding them. We can also teach them dog care lesson by measuring the dog food in a fun way. We can also start giving a responsibility to our children, of course, if we have toddler, the responsibility they have to hold is just a form of game. Give them a duty as a water checker, so when the water in the dog bowl is almost running out, they have to let us know.

When we are bathing our dogs, make sure to involve children. It can be a fun bathing activity and we can introduce our children to some products like shampoo, dog brush, how to brush the dog hair and many others. Taking the dog to the park can be a good way to teach our children as well, it can be so much fun of we are holding the big dog and our children imitate us by taking puppy. Dog care can be so much fun and taught to our children easily and fun.

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