The Characters of Bull Dogs

Bull Dogs

Bull Dogs

Bull dogs are often characterized as lazy less intelligent dogs, but actually there are so many characters of Bulldogs that can be described. Bull dogs are actually very protective and faithful dogs. They are the type of dogs that will accompany us for years. The most outstanding character of Bulldogs is their companionship. Among all breeds, Bulldogs can be said as the most loyal and faithful dogs. For them, their masters are their life and they can transfer their love to their master through their attitude.

Bull dogs are very sensitive to our mood. If we have Bull dogs, then we can pay attention to their mood change when we look sad or happy. When we are happy, usually they become very cheer up, but when we are sad, they can look sad too. Bull dogs are the best companion for children or seniors. This is a type of dog that can be very gentle to children, so we don’t have to worry about our dogs biting our children. On the other side, the nurturing character of Bulldogs can make this dog a perfect companion for children.

Bulldogs are having muscular body. If we train the dogs well, then we will get the protective advantage from this breed. These dogs can be very aggressive if they think that their masters are threatened. Bulldogs are having an intuition to protect small creatures like small animal or children. Therefore, if we are looking for dogs with the bets character, Bull dogs can be our best choice.

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