The Importance of Providing Special Supplied Before Going Climbing with Your Dog

One of the benefits of dog ownership is that, unlike cats (which have their own pros and cons), your dog can accompany you on a variety of outdoor activities. It is expected that even the smallest and least-robust breeds of dog can be counted on to chase a ball or cheerfully walk around the neighborhood, and for many, that is the extent of what we want our dogs to be capable of. However, those of us with high energy, good health and fitness, and a desire to roam are well served in finding a dog companion that has similar traits. Hardy, working breeds like Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Weimaraners, Akitas and Huskies can be excellent companions for hiking, camping, and other demanding outdoor activities.

If you’re planning on taking your dog with you on an outdoor adventure, it is important to provide for your dog’s safety, comfort, and desire to contribute. Having your dog well-trained is vital before considering going hiking with them, and consideration must be given to ensuring that your dog can be reunited with you in the unfortunate possibility that you become separated. Wearing identification is a must, and chipping your dog is ideal. Likewise, you must consider what your dog’s comfort level is–it’s far from comfortable for a cold-weather breed like a husky to take a trip to the southwest in summertime. Once you’ve considered these necessities of your dog’s safety and comfort, you can consider what your dog will contribute (beyond his sparkling personality). Working dogs have no problem pulling their weight on a hike, and with a properly-fitted dog pack, they can help carry supplies into (and trash out of) the wilderness on your next trip.

Aside from supplies for the four-footed, can also help the responsible biped get equipped for outdoor adventure, from footwear to Saga Outerwear, at up to 70% off of retail prices. With a small expenditure of time and effort, and the proper equipment, you and your faithful canine companion can be certain to enjoy many years of outdoor activities.

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