The Recommended Cute Litle Dog


Cute Litle Dog

Cute Litle Dog

Having a cute litle dog is so much fun. We can take them in a bag and let them accompany us when we are shopping. When we are going to buy a little dog, then we have to determine whether we want a little dog that that can accompany is in home or a type of little fashionable dog that we can carry around. They are all cute and less messy that large dogs. It can be our pets even if we are living in small apartment. Here are some breeds of little dogs that we can choose.

First is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This dog is so cure with its long ears and hair. It’s cute and has a great charisma, so it can be a perfect companion when we are home. The second recommended breed is Chihuahua. This little cute dog is very fashionable; it can be carried around in a bag. There are short and long coated Chihuahua types. The third litle dog is Maltese. This graceful, posh and fashionable dog is having a friendly character, but we might need to add extra budget for the treatment.

The next cute little dog is Papillon. The dog is similar to Chihuahua, but it has a medium hair length with long hair on the ears like butterfly. It is a cute and beautiful little dog. If we want a bulldog in mini size, then we should choose French bulldog. Yes, it looks exactly like bulldog, but comes in a mini size. The litle dog is friendly and faithful.

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