The Safe Leashes as Crucial Dog Accessories

Dog Accessories

Dog Accessories

One of the mandatory dog accessories is dog leash. The leash is beneficial to protect our dog and other people, so if we have dog, leash should be the accessory we cannot forget to buy. I believe that some of us feel that giving a leash to our dog will make our dog uncomfortable. It arise a question whether leash is safe for our dog and what type of leash safe for them. One of the leashes that is not recommended is retractable leash. In theory, the leash looks safe, but actually they are not. It can be dangerous for dog and human because it has wrong handle position and has low quality.

The second type of leash is hands-free type. This is the trainer’s dog accessories because it gives them easiness to train the dog. However, if we are not a trainer and our dogs are so energetic, then we are not recommended to use this leash. Third is short leash. This leash length is about 12-17 inches. It can be a safe choice when we are taking our dog to walk or do other activities that require them to be near us. Slip leash is a good option for occasional use, but we have to understand that this leash is able to choke the dog.

If we want to choose the right dog leash, we are recommended to choose six-foot leash from leather. It will give them comfortable feeling and does not choke them. The leash is also giving us comfort when we are taking them for a walk. Since leash is one of the crucial dog accessories, then make sure to choose the safest one.


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