Top 5 Fashion Accessories for Pets

The likes of Paris Hilton and Kelly Cuoco have helped make the dog become something of a fashion accessory for many and there are now countless items that can be purchased to style your pooch. Some of them are bordering on the ridiculous, while others actually look quite impressive. Here, we’ll take a look at the five best fashion products that you can currently buy for your pet.


This is arguably the most common item and while celebrities are the ones that endorse it, if you take a walk into the park you are likely to see a lot of dogs donning a designer dog collar. Most of the designs are quite simple and will merely have some diamond-like studs, although others can be particularly artistic and will really make an impression for those passers-by. Generally, it is the smaller dogs which boast the most fashionable collars, as larger breeds require a stronger material which cannot be tampered with as much.


The dog lead falls under the same category, although designer leads tend to be slightly more simplistic. A diamond-stud design is the common one, although some dogs will also have silver bones embedded on their lead. Many owners purchase the lead and collar at the same time, which means that the collar tends to look very similar anyway.


While fashionable collars and leads appear to be quite common, clothes are a different matter entirely. As highlighted previously, Paris Hilton has plenty to answer for in relation to this as it was her and her Chihuahua who started the craze. Nowadays, many more celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and it’s not uncommon to see some dogs accompanying their owner down the red carpet, suited and booted.

Suffice to say, it’s not just dogs that have their own wardrobe – cats, hamsters and a whole host of other animals do too. Usually, it’s just the smaller breeds, but the trend is certainly catching on so don’t be surprised to see larger animals join in very soon.


Fashionable pet beds have been around for years on the other hand and as well as looking the part, they are also much more comfortable than the standard item you buy from the local pet store. Designer cat beds, dog beds and ones for any other animal are all available and if you do take pride in your home’s appearance, this might be one of the few ways you can make your pet’s space look respectable.


A slightly more recent product is the designer kennel. Again, kennels have been around for many a year but over recent times companies have been established which create luxury wooden versions which cost hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to purchase. They are hand crafted and as well as looking great from the outside, the interior for the dog is pretty much like a home. Therefore, if your dog does live outside, this is another item that can make his or her space look that little bit more respectable.

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