Washing Your Dog

The Siberian Husky is a great dog and they make an awesome pet; however, if their ears bothers them, they may chew or bite them. Although it may not seem like a big problem, it is and if the dog continues to do this, it can damage its skin. If your Siberian Husky does this, there are ways to help it and stop it from biting and chewing its sensitive ears. To figure out exactly what is causing this problem, you must closely example the dog to see if it is either biting or just licking. If it is licking, then that is ok, however if it biting, you need to find out what is causing it.

First, you can read the side of the dog’s dog food bag and find any ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Dog food that contains corn or cornmeal could be the cause, so be sure to switch dog foods if you see these ingredients. There are many types of dog food on the store shelves, however, not all types are good for every dog, especially young dogs. An easy way to tell if your dog is allergic is by closely looking at the ear that it is biting and check for any hair loss. You can also feel the ear and search for any unusual thickness then compare it with the other ear. As you are holding the ear, pay close attention and feel if the ear is hot or not; check the ear’s temperature at different times during the day just to be sure. Dog food is not the only thing that causes a dog to bite its ear; what you use to bathe your dog also affects it.

Some people bathe their pets with all types of soaps, such as dishwashing soap, hand washing soap and even human shampoo. Any of these soaps may be the cause, especially human shampoo because some brands have stinging ingredients in them. I had an Alaskan Malamute breed of dog and I used to wash him with regular human shampoo and the poor guy would itch like crazy! If your shampoo makes your scalp tingle while you are lathering, it is not a good shampoo to use on your dog. In fact, you should not use any kind of human shampoo on your pet, because you do not know how it will react to your dog’s skin. You should visit a pet store to buy dog shampoo and only use it to bathe your dog. If your dog’s ear has a normal temperature and there are no sores on it, it may not be an allergic reaction; it might be an insect bite. A mosquito could have bitten your dog while it was outdoors and it is only scratching th
e bite. You can get some insect spray to spray on your dog whenever it goes outdoors if mosquitoes are in your yard. If you use human bug spray, make sure that the spray is safe for pets as well After you found out what was causing the problem, allergic reaction or insect bite, the dog will continue to bite its ear for a while afterwards. If an insect was the problem, you can use some bitter tasting spray and put it on the ear the dog bites. This will make it stop; however, if its ear is infected or sore, do not use the spray, if you do, it will sting the dog’s sores.

While you are spraying the bitter spray, try not to get any of your hand, because if you put your hand in your mouth, you will taste it for hours. If the problem was an allergic reaction, its best to take the dog to the vet if it continues to chew on it ears. A Siberian Husky that has an itchy or sore ear will generally bite and chew it due to the ear’s size and reach. You must find the problems, remove them and use the right methods to stop the chewing until the ear is healed.

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