What to Get the Dog Parent Who Has It All

Everyone has a friend who loves dogs. Whether that friend loves pugs, terriers, or pit bulls, there is a great gift out there for each breed. When it comes to gifting for dog parents, you have to be careful to get the correct breed and correct phrasing on items. For example, if your friend bought their dog from a breeder, you do not want to get them anything that mentions rescues or being rescued. Below are some tips for buying for dog parents, especially for those that seem to have everything.

Start a Collection

Something simple to get your friend involved in are collections. There are collectible items for every dog breed out there, you just have to know which breed to get. Make sure you know the specifics too. There are many different types of terriers, but if your friend has a Scottish terrier, they are going to want Scottish terrier merchandise.

Gift Home Decor

Every pet parent loves to see their pet displayed on walls, pillows, or blankets. Today it is easy to personalize anything by putting a picture of a pet on it. This is also a good gift because it is thoughtful and shows that you know how much your friend’s dog means to them.

Gift for the Dog

If you are still stuck on a gift idea, give your friend something their dog would also love. This could be something like a gift card to the best dog friendly restaurant in town or a ticket to a dog friendly outdoor concert. Your friend would love to be able to bring their dog with them while enjoying whatever your gift may be.

If you have a dog loving friend in your life, you may be at a loss for what to get them. If you get stuck on finding the perfect gift, just remember what your friend likes and start there.

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