Why choose to get a family protection dog? – How it could help you

When it comes to the safety of your family if you have the budget it might be worthwhile considering a companion in the form of a protection dog. These often tick two boxes when it comes to value for money, they can be viewed both as a pet and as a burglar deterrent.

More threat, more protection

When you have a home of high value it does make you more likely to be targeted by thieves, although state of the art burglar deterrent devices can help, the benefit of a personal protection dog would be that you have a companion to take around with you. If someone seen an opportunity when you were outside the home then there would be trouble. A security dog would also provide a threat of injury unlike a burglar alarm which thieves might not be to bothered by.

Security but at the same time a family member

Often as a family protection dog you will grow to love your new companion, your children will share in the process, wanting to be a part of what you have. A well mannered companion for years to come, we see this often with many family protection dog trainers such as Chaperone K9 there is often a bond between owner and the dog. There are many case studies of where the protection dog might have never been needed but the German Shepard has provided comfort for all of the family, keeping their mind at ease whilst having a playmate.

Types of protection dogs

There are different breeds of protection dogs, they can either be trained specifically or bought directly after being trained without any specific requirement. Most of these dogs are German Shepards although this can vary. Often someone who specialises in these type of training programmes will arrange to meet the family and identify any threats they might face in order to include this in any training programme.

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