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3 Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Horseback riding can be an incredibly rewarding hobby, whether the goal is to show off skills in competitions or exploring meandering trails. Learning how to ride a horse can be a great accomplishment and lead to many years of enjoyment … Continue reading Continue reading

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3 Tips for Buying Purebred Puppies

If you are looking to purchase a specific breed of puppy, it is very important to find a responsible breeder. These three tips can help you ensure that your new furry friend is healthy and responsibly bred. 1. Visit the … Continue reading

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Which Dogs Do Floridians Love Most?

Have you ever thought about the kinds of dogs you see around you? Do you see some breeds more than others? Florida is home to many types of canines, but if you have seen several advertisements for German Shepherd puppies … Continue reading

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3 Options for Taking Care of Your Pet When You Are Away From Home

Pets provide a lot of joy to their owners; however, figuring out how to care for them while you are away from home can be a source of anxiety and frustration. These are three options to consider. 1. Hire a … Continue reading

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